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In a realm where gods have perished, a new era of strife has dawned. Seize power, forge legendary artifacts, and ascend to the divine throne in Soulash 2!

Immerse yourself in an innovative blend of traditional roguelike, roleplaying, and sandbox genres. Conquer an expansive fantasy world, embark on daring expeditions to challenge formidable beings, craft extraordinary artifacts, amass a fortune as a merchant or thief, or construct a monumental pyramid amidst the desert sands.

Conquer the world!

Each world in Soulash 2 is procedurally generated, complete with a simulated history. Generate unique settlements shaped by trade routes, character lifecycles, resource extraction, food consumption, occupations, wages, and the triumphs and tragedies of war - all before you etch your own legacy into their annals.

Forge your destiny

While conquest and destruction lie at the heart of the game, your fate remains unwritten. Soulash 2's skill-based progression system empowers you to unlock new abilities and actions through diverse activities, paving the way for unique possibilities. Embrace your inner explorer, artisan, architect, pyromancer, warrior, or forge your own path by combining different skills.

Master the art of crafting

Soulash 2's innovative crafting system lets you create items with your chosen resources. Recipes feature slots of different types that can be fitted with unique magical ingredients, bestowing items with unparalleled properties that amplify character customization.

Build your legacy

Elevate your dominion with an array of diverse structures: construct a humble hut nestled within a verdant forest, erect a majestic temple to garner adoration, command from a mighty castle atop rolling hills, raise an ice-encrusted tower amidst the frosty tundra, or unleash your sinister influence through a foreboding black pyramid in a sun-scorched desert. Alternatively, seize existing dwellings and reshape them, effortlessly molding the world to your dark desires.

Embrace mortality - or defy it

Select from three distinct modes to suit your playstyle:

High Fantasy Mode: Suffer penalties upon death, only to resurrect in the nearest friendly location. Beware, however - time's relentless march may still claim your character.
Dark Fantasy Mode: Experience true loss as death erases your character but leaves the world and your creations intact. Continue influencing the world as a new character.
Hardcore Mode: Face the unforgiving roguelike experience with permadeath that annihilates both your character and the world - no meta progression, no mercy.

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Soulash 2 is released as Early Access on December 4, 2023, see details here. Steam key is included when purchasing the game on Itch.

Updated 18 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorArtur Smiarowski
GenreRole Playing
Made withSDL
TagsCrafting, Fantasy, Open World, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Sandbox, Trading, Turn-based
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksSteam, Patreon, Steam, Community, Twitter, YouTube, Blog

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I like it but the ecconomy is all out of wack... a town that has 20000 ruby's on one side of the contenent should not be buying them at the same price that a town all the way on the other side of the map that has no gems of any kind

It needs some more work, for sure. Gems specifically have very little use by the settlements right now. They may only be used in crafting some recipes so the price is rather stable, as there's very little demand.


Will def buy. Great work! <3


I tried out the demo, VERY fun!

too much fun in fact, I played it late into the night ^^"
First of all, it ran stable, so no problems there.

Things I noticed:
Some skills are really hard to get into(reach level1). As soon as you reach it however then you can more effectively level it, and that is very satisfying.
The weaponsmith tree looked a bit underwhelming iirc. Maybe there could be several unlocks with levels, because even further in it didn't seem too great, but I could be wrong. 
Same goes for tailoring which I haven't tried out much. I guess I will with the next playthrough. but unlocking those crafting skills is rly difficult since you can only gain xp by salvaging^^".
Mining = $$$ :D
the ordering system is great! you can order stuff that you cannot make yourself, which is vital for tools and such for example!!
I am hesitant to say this, but I wonder if crafting the same item should have diminishing turns in terms of xp/ or the higher level you are in crafting the less you profit from low level crafts = you are level 1 you gain 100% xp from crafting for example firewood, if you are level 5 in carpenting  you only gain 40% from that, and on level 8 you only get 5% or smth like that. It feels weird to become a master carpenter by only making firewood xD
But I guess that is different for craft trees, for example for armor smithing it is more difficult to get enough ore to produce bars to enable crafting.

I really like the current gameplay loop, since at the start you have almost nothing, and eventually you get more money, order tools to enable skinning or chopping wood etc, and then eventually becoming really strong :D

Looking forward to more updates and when the game releases, great work!

btw SplatterCat mentioned your game in


Thank you for the great feedback, I'll keep tweaking the skills. The crafting skills have the extra benefit of allowing upgrades to items (replacing of materials on the fly), and that's way more powerful than actually making the item because you don't have to track down NPC crafters to improve your gear. All the skills will go up to level 50 when EA releases in a month, so there will be some more powerful items reach later, some of which may not be accessible through NPCs.


This is looking great. I'm definitely going to be buying this when the Soulash 1 owner discount drops.


it's fantastic!

I'm glad you like it!


I am going to keep a eye on the demo, as I saw a ton of crashes just roaming around.6


Ow! My soul!