Update v1.0.6

The next update brings 2 new artifacts, new actions allowing to sleep through the day/night, buff to staves, and lots of fixes. As usual, some of the changes will not apply to already generated worlds.


- New Artifact: Hood of a Thousand Eyes - designed by one of our Patrons - OccultOnion!
- New Artifact: Smid's Hammer
- New actions "Sleep until small hours" and "Sleep until evening".
- Added Dead Oak Tree, and Opal entities.
- Moon Amulet and Opal Ring are now craftable.


- It's no longer possible to summon on an empty spot where there's not at least a background tile available.
- Updated Net Throw ability description to mention opposite immobilize effect check.
- Having no weapons equipped will make two unarmed attacks instead of one. Having only one-handed weapon equipped without a shield will make an additional unarmed attack.
- Some previously disabled artifacts can now be crafted after items become indestructible.
- Increased damage of staves.


- Iluvia can no longer be killed twice.
- Updated Flame Pillar description to be more precise.
- Fixed displayed drunk units of water / blood in the Cemetery entry.
- Improved performance of Crafting screen with many recipes.
- Fixed Angel of Vengeance achievement.
- It's no longer possible to fly to the endgame areas.
- Invisible tiles in the endgame area are no longer walkable.
- No more male amazons.
- Fixed Alchemic Fire area of effect.
- It's no longer possible for the ability caster to immobilize self.
- Underground River turns into blood after killing one of the gods.
- Spruces now die after killing one of the gods.
- Fixed some typos and grammatical errors in dialogues.
- Stone formation now correctly breaks into Stone.
- Fixed Armor Breaker durability reduction effect.
- Fixed issue with dialogues not triggering after attacking a character that doesn't see the player.
- Fixed crash on corrupted tutorial file.
- Fixed crash on using a single-use ability from an item, then dropping it without canceling targetting.
- Fixed crash in Cemetery on corrupted file.
- Fixed rotating tile tooltips with mouse wheel or tab key.


- Abilities are no longer required for artifacts.
- New Sight property: Ignore infra penalty, ignoring the daytime penalty of infravision.
- Affixes and artifacts can now provide tool type properties to items.


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Version 1.0.6-full Mar 20, 2022

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