Soulash v1.0.12 Deck of Entities

Greetings fellow gods,

Today's update addresses some bugs and improvements reported on the official Soulash Discord server, as well as a new unique item - Deck of Entities, a single-use item designed by Sinful, one of our Patrons, that can provide a random benefit or disadvantage. See the full changelog below:


- New unique item Deck of Entities designed by Sinful.
- The delete key will now clear the contents of an active input field.
- Mouse wheel can now be used to zoom in or out in the Map Editor.
- Temporary entities now have information on when they will disappear in their tooltip.


- Improved navigation in Mod Editors and added hotkeys for New Entity, New Ability, and New Animation buttons.
- Items of type Resource like tree trunks that have Armor no longer display resistances in its tooltip.
- Recipe learning message during salvage now displays the base item name instead of the name changed by applied affixes.
- Increased backpack tabs from 2 to 4.
- Increased damage of Heavy Crossbow by 2.
- Enemies will now attack the player on different z-level when it blocks the stairs.
- The camera no longer changes position when moving between different region maps in Map Editor.


- Fixed an issue with abilities not being learned by the player on killing gods by summons.
- Fixed the "on impact" and "inner animation" mappings in non-overwriting mods.
- Fixed AoE animations in mods sometimes being displaced and centered around the character despite correctly damaging a selected area.
- Fixed an issue in Map Editor that caused the last spawn group to not show up if there were more than 12.
- Some rings and amulets couldn't be crafted with affixes.
- Fixed sidebar scroll in Entity Maker not resetting position when creating a new entity.
- Fixed crash in Data Table modding screen.
- Fixed rare crashes during the new world generation.
- When Golden Lamp durability drops to 0, it's no longer possible to cast Summon Djinni that comes from the item.
- Having an ability from an item doesn't prevent it from being learned when leveling up.
- Fixed message for tile-based abilities to indicate they need to be cast on an unoccupied tile.
- AI with a light source will no longer keep spamming the Light spell on itself.
- Immobile enemies will no longer get stuck attempting to chase the player.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the display of some particles in Animation Editor on low resolution.
- Hidden enemies are no longer marked as valid targets on abilities, which previously allowed to determine where's the target by the color of the border.


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Version 1.0.12-full Jun 15, 2022

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