Update v1.0.8 Font scaling

Greetings fellow gods,

It took me a while, but I finally got to implement the font selection and sizes in the options, including support for adding additional fonts through mods. There are a couple of other important changes in this patch, like leveling multiple times at once now provides an ability for each level. Thank you all for sticking around and I hope you're enjoying the game!


- Added Fonts section in Options, allowing to modify the font and size used in different parts of the game.
- New fonts can now be added through the assets.json "fonts" property in mods (see the core mod, for example).


- Angelic Wings now allow teleportation without durability.
- Base recipes available to all starting characters are no longer spawning in the world.
- The targeting line no longer stops on a valid target outside of the visible range, which previously helped determine the enemy's position.
- Abilities that add extra damage on hit no longer cause split damage scaling (Int + Str or Dex) on physical abilities.
- Leveling up is now processed one after another in case of gaining enough experience to level up multiple times at once.


- Fixed crash related to the message log.
- Fixed Deadly Grasp animation position when performed by AI entities.
- Fixed message when using the action "Rest until healed" with full health.
- Fixed map name mistake in one of the late game areas.
- The experience bar doesn't go out of bounds anymore.
- Fixed bounds of character statistics and resistances on higher resolutions, so they fit the inventory window.
- Fixed position of event messages on higher resolution.
- Fixed crash in the Ability Editor when core required mod is not chosen.
- Fixed issues related to message log slider jumping out of drag position.


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Version 1.0.8-full Apr 05, 2022

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