Soulash v1.0.11 Gauntlet of the Lich Lord

Greetings fellow gods,

We have a new update today, with a unique item designed by Sinful, one of our Patrons, a bunch of fixes, and QoL improvements. Changelog below:


- New unique item, Gauntlet of the Lich Lord - designed by Sinful.
- Added Unarmed, Improvised, and Natural weapon types to available ability requirements.
- Added the possibility to increase or decrease the craft counter in the Crafting screen with plus and minus keys when an item is selected and not currently being crafted.
- Added the possibility to change the z-level with plus and minus keys on the Map screen.
- Two new properties for Durability in Entity Editor.


- Look action can now be remapped in Keymap.
- Stackable items can no longer have affixes.
- Map screen keys used to move the map now correspond to the movement keys selected instead of wasd/arrow keys.


- Fixed crash when the item being dragged no longer exists.
- Fixed wording on some abilities mentioning targeting enemies when they affect allies as well.
- Fixed missing background tiles in one of the regions of Yelling Mountains.
- Fixed graphic issue related to Mushman icon.
- Fixed Torch having ranged attack animation.
- Crafting recipes now properly show negative resistances.
- Kobolds now have unique names and no longer use goblin descriptions.
- It's now possible to drink when the thirst meter is at 100% while having a dehydration mark.
- Fixed victory tweet on Cemetery screen.
- Fixed true damage, sometimes removing background tiles.
- AI characters no longer use Break ability on the player.
- Fixed issue that prevented display of cemetery files when Windows user name had a dash.
- Fixed AI sometimes not casting debuff abilities.
- Numpad 0 - 9 keys are now considered different keys than numeric when assigning them in Keymap.
- Inventory, Map, Abilities screens key no longer work when in the Options screen, causing issues when remapping them.
- It's now possible to use Crafting screen key on Inventory screen to swap directly between the screen.


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Version 1.0.11-full May 20, 2022

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Hi Artur im sorry for when i went nuts on discord i didnt mean things i typed I hope soulash doing good aswell

I know vito, I hope you're doing well too