Soulash v0.3.1 Multiple saves

It was a long wait for the multiple save slot feature, but the wait is over. No more accidental save override! You can start all professions and check which one meets your playstyle, before committing to world destruction. Other things in the patch are mostly bugfixes. Some critical ones like save file corruption that happened occasionally. Let's hope it won't be a thing after every major release.

There were a couple of rebalancing changes, like buffing firebolt and immolate slightly to compensate for the new rain feature, as well as slightly reducing the rain effect occurrence and fire resistance. I'll be continuing with the minor releases every 1 - 2 weeks in the new v0.3 release train, so stay tuned and let me know what bothers you in the game either on discord or itch community boards.

- During character creation, all selected profession abilities will display when unlocked. You can unlock the ability by taking it during level up.
- Up to 40 save slots in continue screen.
- New sand, ice, wood, and mud walking sounds.

- The new game screen no longer overwrites existing save games.
- Changed Piercing Shot animation.
- Reduced fire resistance from Wet effect.
- Reduced chance to start raining.
- Increased damage of Firebolt and Immolate by [1 - 2].
- Fireball cast time increased to 1.2 from 1.0.
- Plate gloves protection increased from "Physical: 2" to "Physical: 3, Holy: 3, Electricity: 1, Acid: 4, Poison: 2", reduced durability from 100 to 70, reduced weight from 1.5 to 1.2.
- Added ability to Elrang Mountainsplitter.

- Fixed save file corruption.
- Light spell removed from starting Warlock spells.
- Random crash on the attack.
- Lags related to the AI movement.
- The weather effect didn't reset after new game creation.
- Missing sound indicators.
- Fixed spitter corpse.
- Underground lake no longer destroyed by death damage.
- A pond can be frozen and is no longer collidable.
- Gnelm river now properly freezes.
- Removed no damage animation on inanimate objects when no damage is being done by ability.
- Cleanup applies both parts of Wet effect.
- Added wet effects on interaction with ponds, lakes, and waterfalls.
- Fixed negative damage on death aura and abilities.
- Improved light source range under a roof.
- Fixed damage displayed in physical ability descriptions that relied on strength based on used weapon.
- Autoequip no longer equips weapons in other slots than hands.
- Fixed crashes on the death screen.
- Cemetery records no longer stay selected for removal after coming back to the screen.
- Improved usage of AOE abilities that target self by AI.

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