Soulash v0.4.1 Dialogues

Hey guys,

I hope you're all well in these weird times. I've had some difficulty pushing the work on Soulash in the last couple of weeks, but I plan to get on track and keep our 4-month release schedule. I've made some changes to the roadmap and pushed the building patch for later. Instead, in the v0.4+ release train up to v0.5, I'll focus on improving the AI to make the world feel more alive. I think building is a "nice to have" feature that can wait, while improvements to the world, enemy gods, miracles, and final goal of the game should take precedence over smaller improvements. 

The first step toward this new goal is adding dialogues to the game. Starting in this patch, about 170 enemies in the game have something to say when they meet the player and during combat. All of them have randomized dialogue lines unless it's a crucial piece of the story. In addition to that, there is a little bit of story added to the game in the form of player character monologue that unlocks on each level up to level 13 + extra pieces on defeating Alexander and Sandaver, two of the final bosses in the current version of the game. I hope this will help to answer some of the questions many of you had when playing the game, but also give these letters on the screen a little personality.

Apart from dialogues, there have been some stability improvements and improvements to the keymapping. Sorry it took me so long, but it's finally possible to use Numpad and arrow keys to assign to actions.

Old save games will not work with new dialogues, so it's advised to start a new run. Old save files can still be loaded and finished. The Demo version was updated to include the changes as well. Full changelog below.

- Dialogues for actor entities.
- Display enemy planned action in its tooltip.
- Rotate left and right actions added to keymapping.
- Added support for keymapping of arrow keys, numpad keys, and many others.

- Performance improvement - now attempting to kill only a couple of things at the same time, instead of the whole world.
- Improved some of the purple quality gear properties.

- Fixed crash on killing caster enemy.
- Fixed some crashes caused by various enemies.
- Fixed crash on bashing walls and trees.
- Fixed crash related to ability cooldown.
- Fixed crash related to arrows.
- Fixed crash related to AI action planner.
- Fixed damage calculation when multiple damage sources stack with each other, for example, damage with Blessed Weapon was lower than it should be, but also weapons with multiple damage types like physical + fire.
- Fixed arrow stack dropping to 0 in some circumstances.
- Fixed enemies rotation toward the player when attacking.
- Weather events won't apply to maps that shouldn't be affected.
- Breaking wooden floor now turns the tile into a dirt tile instead of a stone floor.
- AI actors were crippling themselves.
- Fixed regeneration value precision display in ability tooltip.

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Version 0.4.1-full Mar 29, 2020 225 MB
Version 0.4.1-demo Mar 29, 2020

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Can't wait to try it out! Adding flavor dialogue was a good call; I think it will help the world of the game feel a lot more lived-in and drive home the fact that the player character is demolishing a civilization rather than just bumping random enemies. I hope you're staying safe and doing well, and thanks for continuing work on this great game. We're in lockdown where I live and I'm looking forward to passing the time with Soulash this Sunday. Cheers!

Thanks, and I hope you'll enjoy the game more after the patch. :)
We're self quarantining because we had some family health issues recently. Fortunately nothing serious and it's passing. You stay safe as well!