Soulash v0.4.2 Bugfixes

Hey guys, hope you're all staying safe.

Here's a batch of bugfixes and stability improvements for Soulash. The most significant change in this patch is allowing AI to think in three dimensions, including zombies. Thanks to all who reported the crashes and special thanks to ditoLoco for very detailed bug reports!

- AI actors learned how to climb stairs.
- Added information about the source of death when the player died by an indirect source of damage, for example, burning.
- It's now possible to butcher generic corpses to gain a pile of bones.

- Walking on walls and other inanimate destructible objects no longer make an attack. It's still possible to use all damaging abilities to destroy terrain.
- Reduced max health increase per level from 10 + endurance to 4 + endurance.

- Cooldown applies to abilities only when it's successfully cast.
- Vampiric touch spell cooldown increased to 20 from 10. Health gained increased to 50% damage done from 33% and damage scaling from weapon and intelligence to 150% from 100%.
- Fixed temporary status of summoned entities that are not AI actors. For example, the wall of flame was not disappearing after ability duration.
- Fixed rare crash on looking at the enemy description.
- Fixed visual issue that indicated the character is alive with 0 hp.
- Fixed damage over time or entering a location that deals damage not killing someone when dropping health below 0.
- Fixed crash during talking between different AI actors when one of them dies.
- Fixed crash when starting a lich playthrough on the demo version.
- Fixed crash when attempting to pick up a too big stack of items.
- Fixed error allowing duplication of stackable items.
- Changed Raise skeleton champion ability to target any tile and fixed it to consume only a single stack of Pile of bones from the ground.
- Fixed consumption of items as the cost of abilities, items under targeted tile will be prioritized over backpack items instead of consuming both.
- Fixed AI attempting to cast revenge type abilities when no damage has been dealt with them yet.
- Fixed starting player location other than 30,27,0 being safe from wandering enemies.

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Version 0.4.2-full Apr 13, 2020 211 MB
Version 0.4.2-demo Apr 13, 2020

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The "walking into walls" attacks were a really hilarious surprise when I last hopped into the game, complete with new starting sequence and all -- it made me feel like I was raging and screaming with pain, smashing up the place, and all the villagers came running. I died quickly, but what a cinematic start. :)

Haha :D

And now I'm remembering the visual/mood: the hallway scene in movie: "Altered States"

Haven't seen the movie, but just checked the scene. It looks crazy. :)

The movie is even more so. Save it for a rainy day-- or when we're stuck in side for weeks/months on end. ;