Soulash hotfixes &

Greetings fellow gods,

Two more hotfixes to sort some things before moving on toward the next major goal.

- New checkbox for mods "Clear map" that removes all existing maps from mods loaded before this one.

- Crash when AI entity decides to unwield an artifact and attempts to cast the received spell.
- Unequipping artifact item now properly removes the ability from spellbook and action bar.
- Using abilities with "weapon range" now properly throw "throwable" item at the target.
- Fixed issue with throwing weapons not being thrown and abilities that use the range of the weapon wielded.
- Fixed performance issue when an animal tries to get under a roof during rain, but can't open the door.

Plans for 2021 coming up shortly, so stay tuned!

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Version Dec 29, 2020

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Dude, your game is awesome. I wish there was a Wiki, though.