Soulash v0.5.0.4 & v0.5.0.5 release notes

Greetings fellow gods,

Below you will find release notes for the last 2 hotfixes.


- It's now possible to jump to an invalid space where there is no tile with abilities: Charge, Lunge, Phaseshift if there is a map below. Dropping to a map below in such a case will cause damage to the caster and potentially to the entity below.
- In mods editor, it's now possible to disable tile transitions.


- Default hotkey for repair action is now `r`, while the clear container is changed to `c`.
- Description of rest action now indicates it can be used to pass time.


- Fixed artifact descriptions.
- Fixed crash related to fishing.
- Fixed crash related to item crafting.
- Fixed crash related to the big number provided in crafting screen.
- Fixed crash related to rock-throwing.
- Cemetery now properly displays the full description of player character killer.
- Inability to gather resources after picking up something from the same tile.
- After producing items, through production action, they will be automatically picked up upon action completion.
- Items nearby box has disabled interactions on lower resolutions when equipment screen covers it.
- Fixed fading animation of the field of view.
- Fixed issue causing the player character to spawn twice during world generation.
- Fixed issue that sometimes locks input when entering mod editor.
- Leaving the map editor to the main menu screen now properly saves the changes to the map.
- When repairing items, items on the map are used with priority over equipment and backpack.
- Transition tiles now spawn correctly after mass damage, like from a fireball ability.

Sorry for delaying news about plans for Soulash in 2021, it's because there are some things going on behind the scenes which might result in a major shift of focus for the game development. I'll send out emails as soon as the roadmap clarifies.

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Version Jan 16, 2021

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I have had my eye on this one since before version 0.3, but I am always skeptical of these sorts of projects going anywhere, sad to say. However your recent progress has been very encouraging and has convinced me to buy in!

Glad to hear Adam, hope you'll enjoy the game. :)

So you won't be able to work on it as much this year?

Actually, I plan to work even more. And I'm working on getting another person to work on Soulash this year, so expect more than ever. :)

Woohoo! Yay! <3 

Hope everything is well Arthur, thanks for the update :)

Everything is great so far :)