Kickstarter update and what we may get

Greetings fellow gods,

As we're getting close to the end of the first week of our Kickstarter campaign, I thought I'll drop an update about how are we doing. During the first week, we've reached 36% of our goal with 140 backers supporting us, so it looks very close if we manage to keep up the pace. We've had some very exciting events during that time.

So what happened?

First, a video from Nookrium showcasing our graphics demo. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely show Nook some love, he's one of the best Youtubers for people interested in indie games. He has tons of hidden gems on his channel and we're very grateful that he was interested enough to show Soulash 3 times already over the years! Maybe after the 1.0 release, we can get him to play a longer series?

Speaking of a longer series, I'm sure you already know Talamann and his adventures toward world domination. If not, you should definitely check his channel, because he has around 30 videos showing Soulash since it was publically available. This weekend we've got a special Kickstarter stream event organized by him, and it was a blast! You can find it below. You should definitely watch the second playthrough, as it features a dark elf swolgician, casually burning bunnies while making his grandiose monologues, charging away from anything getting too close, and bashing dwarves into the walls with his shield. Very fun stuff. Oh, and we're gonna get a Talamann miniboss into the core game!

That's all great but tell us about the goodies we're gonna get

I hear you. As you might already know, we've started our Kickstarter campaign to secure the funds for the newest graphics mod as we're moving toward a 1.0 release on Steam and Itch next year. We've also set up many stretch goals hoping to buy more time to deliver big features that many of you asked for over the years, like building, servants doing our bidding, procedural world generator, factions, and more. At this point, it looks unlikely that we will reach the ones that are probably the most interesting, so we will rethink our strategy over the next couple of days. If you would like to tell us which of the stretch goals are the most important, let's discuss it on our discord!

Back to the goodies. Aside from our goals, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to really contribute to Soulash with your vision of how the game should look like. We understand that we make this game for you, and we've set up many tiers that would make a part of this game truly yours. And because of that, if Soulash gets funded on Kickstarter, we're going to get (at least as of now!):

- Around 138 new character names for random NPCs.
- 26 tombstones spawning randomly in the cemetery area with different messages from players.
- 9 new items designed by players (I heard there's gonna be a cat amulet in there!)
- 5 new races designed by players including Demon - an evolving race, starting from a weaker state than the others, but growing into something much more powerful through evolutions, and Lizardmen - a race that eats whole bodies and doesn't bother with butchering first, will regenerate a small portion of its health on consumption and get bones to be used in crafting and necromancy. Can't wait to hear about the rest! 
- 1 new miniboss - from Talamann, maybe we can meet one of his incredible characters?
- 1 new ability designed by a player
- 1 new, player-designed god! - can't wait to hear how crazy it will be!

Pretty neat, right? And that's just 1/3rd of the road, so let's keep our fingers crossed for triple the goodies by the time we're done!

Two more weeks to go, and I'm confident we can get there. We're gonna make some adjustments soon to get as many goodies as we can deliver in the scope that we can reach to make the best game we can, together.

If you would like to contribute and be immortalized in the game, you can shop around at

We also now have a Steam page set up if you would like to get notifications about announcements there. Already getting close to 1000 wishlists!

Let's do this!

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