Soulash v0.5.1 UX & Modding Improvements released!

Greetings fellow gods,

It's been a while since v0.5.0 and its list of 10 hotfixes was released. Work slowed down a bit during the Kickstarter campaign, but I'm picking up the pace. As the next big addition to the game - gods - are still in development, I've wrapped up the last couple of months of work into a set of improvements and fixes that some of you have waited for. This patch includes all of the improvements made for the graphics demo, a cheat console that helps during modding, a couple of user experience improvements, and so on. You can find the full list of changes below. If you would like to support the further development of Soulash as we go toward 1.0 and Steam release with pixel art tileset, consider contributing to our Patreon and get access to some behind the scenes info about Soulash, design your own piece of content to be included in the game and vote in on what's to come.


  • New images for races and professions in the new game screen.
  • Added a new set of images indicating the time of day in the top right corner.
  • Added back the use key in the backpack for items that give access to abilities. It will assign the ability to action bar either in the first empty slot or override the last one and then select it for use immediately.
  • Scrolling for races, professions, items, and recipes on the New Game screen shows up if there's more available than can fit on the screen.
  • Added tooltip about looking at tiles on cursor position that will display at the start of every game until the look is performed at least once.
  • Pause player character monologues until the level-up screen is closed.
  • Added animated sight markers for the player and AI actors.
  • Added Cheat Console in the game.
  • Added Buubdurub as a potential goblin male name.


  • Adjusted leveling formula to get first levels quicker and later levels slower.
  • Removed tavern as a potential starting location.
  • Hide ability effect now triggers a message.
  • Owlking now has a unique corpse.
  • Bumped opacity of rare item borders in equipment screen to make them more noticeable.
  • New sounds for Cripple and Shield Wall abilities.
  • Changed "Reduce" to "Resist" keyword for resistances in tooltips.
  •  Lantern is now a weapon.
  • Lantern oil now gives access to ability throw oil - reduces fire resistance on hit.
  • Reduced save directory by 20%.
  • Updated item graphics in inventory screen.


  • Fixed cooking meat.
  • Weather events now properly add a message to the message log.
  • Fixed duplicated Soda Ash deposits.
  • Fixed naga description.
  • Fixed attack animation select in weapon component.
  • Fixed crash on editing burned door in Mod Editor.
  • Spawned entities had too much time to act when they were created from the death of other entities.
  • Burning frozen gnelm river now correctly turns it back into gnelm river.
  • Fixed issue with recipe counter on death that was showing invalid value.
  • Candle is again considered a weapon and can be wielded and lit.
  • Fixed imps descriptions to spawn as a demonic race instead of a human.
  • Using a recipe that's already known will consume the item correctly.
  • Blood doesn't make the tile walkable anymore.
  • Fixed 3d ascii glyphs displaying twice.
  • Fixed not being able to click the repair button twice.
  • Fixed tooltips to be displayed in screen bounds for items in equipment screen and entities on the map.
  • Fixed message log window requiring to click twice to move sometimes.
  • Location music properly starts when starting or continuing the game.
  • Using stackable item in backpack deselects the stack.
  • Fixed antidote and other neutralize effects.
  • Enemies properly focus on player after being attacked.
  • Clean up action now refreshes the character immediately instead of on movement.


  • Most abilities are now applicable during weather events and in OnEnter component.
  • Reworked most ability effects to be applicable in AoE abilities.
  • Reworked most negative ability effects to be applicable in abilities that target self.
  • New component MinimapPixel that's responsible for representing the entity in the minimap and world map.
  • Added option in Animation Editor to chain particles. When selected, every particle is played after another until there are no particles left, ignoring delay property.
  • Added support for modding different player tiles per race and profession.
  • Fixed selection markers in Map Editor to be displayed on top of glyphs.
  • Fixed issue when creating a recipe for the chosen item through modding, and it would not be possible to use it in-game.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to add an item that is not craftable in base recipes.
  • Fixed alternative maps being overridden even if the map is not edited in the mod.
  • Fixed abilities assigned to a profession that is not loaded into the game will be replaced as universal
  • Fixed crashes when using some invalid signs in entity names that would cause issues in Windows file naming, like ":".
  • Fixed tools added in mods inside messages.json.
  • Fixed some visual issues on lower resolution in the editor's GUI.
  • Fixed an issue with camera shaking effect persisting after changing the animation.
  • New animations display correctly before being saved in Animation editor.
  • Resistance effect is now usable with duration.
  • Experience requirement for level up is now configurable in characters.json.

Next on the horizon will be v0.5.2 with two new races added into the game this month, so stay tuned!

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Version 0.5.1-full Jun 05, 2021

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