Content Vote July 2021

Greetings fellow gods,

We've just got the amazing Lizardmen race into the core game, designed by qwmzy, and we're hungry for more! The time has come for our monthly Patron content votes, we've got 3 great submissions this time around:

1. Enemy - Animated armor

Name: Animated armor 
Description: randomized according to what it's composed of. 
Level (1 - 13): 8-13 
Ability (optional): Disarm
Corpse (optional): none 
Dialogues (optional): 
- Aware of the player: - hums 
- Combat: - hums 
Equipment (optional): Every slot filled with something (at least in line with what it is) 
Attack flavor name (optional): 
General stats (optional): high dex, strength, and endurance, low int and willpower infravision

2. Playable race - Golem

Name: Golem 
Description: Golems are tall humanoid creatures created mechanically infused by magic, they can be created from salvaged materials typically a metal such as iron, and resemble a heavy giant mess of those components with human-like shape. 
How they look: tall, iron color or material it was created by (yellow for gold) 
Where they live (optional): Gnome workshops or abandoned warehouses etc, even ruins 
Conflicts (optional): don't like gnomes and wizards 
What is their goal (optional): Destroy every living entity especially gnomes and wizard 
Passive: physical resistance, ability to stomp down buildings (Crush ability dealing massive dmg to inanimate objects/walls/doors/etc) 
Stat bonuses (optional): Strength, Constitution 
Starting items (optional): Naked 
Starting recipes (optional): Normal/vanilla stuff 
Some special features (optional): Lower willpower and int, they don't make good mages

3. Enemy - Treadur

Name: Traedur 
Description: A living tree, which has a small chance to spawn while cutting down trees, a being who's here to protect the forest. 
InGame_Description: Roots like tentacles carry this enormous tree across the ground. Branches arching menacingly in your direction, just waiting to squeeze the life out of you 
Level (1 - 13): 9-11 
Ability: Able to grow walls of roots, trying to make it harder for the player to escape. With a reasonable cooldown to make it fair. The player can cut through them, but it will cost a turn or two. 
Corpse: A large amount of wood. 
- Aware of the player: branches cracking
- Combat: Null
Equipment: Null 
Attack flavor name: Strangle, Squeeze 
General stats: Slow, Quite a bit of HP, Strong

The vote will commence by the end of month July, and we'll get it into the game with the August patch. if you would like to participate in the voting process, you can support us on Patreon with a Goblin Patron tier, and if you have great ideas for your own additions, we'll keep doing this every month and you can submit your proposals with Dwarf Patron tier. You can find more details here:

So, which one do you think will get into the core game?

Edit: The winner is animated armor! We'll be adding this new enemy into the game with the August patch.

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