Soulash critical hotfix v0.5.3.1

Greetings fellow gods,

Due to a critical bug that may cause permanent save damage I've just deployed a hotfix for Soulash. It's advised to upgrade as soon as possible. The issue relates to teleportation which should not be available on the world map yet.

Below is a full changelog:

- Added Kunyak as a potential Orc NPC name.

- Reduced save size by 15%.
- Improved performance of changing region maps.

- Teleportation is no longer available by clicking on a map screen.
- Fixed enable teleport checkbox in OnDestruction component
- Fixed long range OnDestruction teleportation between z-levels
- Fixed typo in shield slam description

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, if you've been affected and lost a lot of progress, please contact me on our discord channel. The save file is likely permanently damaged, but we might find a way for you to continue on.

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Version Aug 01, 2021

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