Soulash 1.0 releasing on the 4th of March

Greetings fellow gods,

The time of reckoning is upon us! The long-awaited Soulash v1.0 will be released on Itch and Steam on the 4th of March 2022, including the graphics update from the Steam demo, Steam Workshop integration, Leaderboards, and Achievements. The price will be set at 14.99$ for both Steam and Itch. If you already own the game, the update will be free. I also plan to distribute Steam keys to every owner, however that's subject to review by Steam, but I assume that shouldn't be an issue since it's rather common practice.

It's been a long road to get here, and the date is very special to me personally, as almost exactly five years ago, on the 5th of March 2017, my son was born, and I've decided to start working on a game engine that would become the fundaments underneath Soulash. It's truly a miracle that after countless prototypes I've attempted over the last decade, I figured out how to keep working on the same project for over 7000 hours and deliver a complete game with 20 - 30 hours of single run gameplay and additional replayability through alternative world regions, professions, enemies, multiple paths to victory and in-game modding editors.

As for the extra Steam features - the upcoming Steam Workshop integration will allow us to share our mods quickly, by publishing, and updating them from within the game. We hope this will give you, our community, additional opportunities to expand the world of Soulash, to create custom worlds or game modes, or easily disable supplementary mechanics that you don't enjoy, be it durability or hunger.

The Steam Leaderboards will allow us to have a little competitive fun. Leaderboards are set up to rank our runs by in-game scores, separate per profession, number of turns for a speedrunning competition, total items crafted, and souls consumed. If it's better than our previous attempt, the game will show our position at the end of the run (death or victory).

And finally, the Achievements will allow us to try something new and strive for different goals during a playthrough, maybe explore some less obvious places, hunt down specific gods, or look for hidden secrets.

Both Leaderboards and Achievements will count only for runs with core mods (core and core gfx) and will be disabled on debugging mode or after using the Cheat Console.

Thank you all who joined us on this journey, supporting us with early purchases of the alpha, providing us feedback, spreading the word about the game, supporting us on Patreon and Kickstarter, and feeding us with fantastic ideas along the way. The game would not be as good without you. We hope you'll enjoy Soulash as much as we've been enjoying making it!

Less than five weeks to go!

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"I also plan to distribute Steam keys to every owner, however that's subject to review by Steam, but I assume that shouldn't be an issue since it's rather common practice." Looking forward to the release and hoping Steam Workshop explodes with epic mods for the game. 

I hope so too, the Steam keys are already uploaded to Itch, I'll email everyone on Friday. :)


Congratulations, Artur!

I’ve been playing the game on itch. Looking forward to Steam version with achievements and leaderboard.

Thanks Marot, I hope you'll enjoy it even more! :)


Artur is a legend and Soulash shall be eternal legend aswell

Thank you vito, I can't wait to see your mods on Steam Workshop :)

For sure 


Any chances for a GOG release?

That'd be an instabuy for me. I'll buy the itch release otherwise (I haven't done it yet because I was secretly waiting for that...)


I would love to put the game on GOG, but unfortunately, my attempt was met with crickets. Maybe after a successful Steam launch, they would be more willing to have us.

Pity, but that curation team is really awkward... As you say, maybe in the future they'll change their minds.

Meanwhile, nothing refrains me from buying the itch version, so here I go. Time for some soulashing! :D

Thanks for the quick answer!


Have fun. :)


Im so pumped for this game, played the demo and can't wait for steam release. Had to wait for the graphics patch! Day 1 buy!!!


I can't blame you, I've been buffing the ASCII with features and playing it for years, but the pixelart done by our artist fits way too well. :)

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To get steam workshop on top of the hard work you have put into making a complete game!  Well done!

Good luck for the launch day/week/month!

I'll add you to the wishlist (even though I already bought it!) and pick it up come march!


Thanks, blightor! We've come a long way since the game landed on Itch... :)


You sure have!

Looking forward to playing the final on steam.  Dont worry about my key.


Oh, and fantastic job on the steam page!  Looks really really cool!

Thanks :)