Hotfix v1.0.3


- Support for numpad keys in crafting screen input.
- Added information about tool quality on crafting recipes.


- Changed tiles for Cave Ascent, Cave Descend, Dirt Wall to help identify them easier.
- Wheat flour and bread recipes are now available from the start.
- Abilities and items with neutralize effect, like Cleanse or Antidote can now be used when under fear effect.
- Changed the crafting speed formula, so that the quality of the tool affects the intelligence bonus.
- More potential shovel drops.


- Fixed descriptions of Bone Bow, Succubus, Incubus, Torch.
- Fixed Dryad group question marker color, to avoid confusion.
- Fixed missing background tiles on some maps.
- Fixed some errors in profession, race, and strength descriptions.
- Updated tutorials "Welcome to Soulash" and "World map" with more information.
- Crafting indestructible items effect correctly preserves in a save.
- Fixed keyboard locking issue after filter input in Crafting screen didn't get deactivated properly.
- World-wide teleportation no longer remains after starting a new game if it was unlocked previously.
- Fixed description of the victory entry in the Cemetery.
- When having two tools of the same type in backpack and one being destroyed, it will reduce durability from the second one on crafting.
- Shooting trees no longer damages self.
- Going back to the first page is no longer locked when number of abilities drop below 2 pages.
- Fixed issue that prevented production actions to be performed after the specified delay, for example sheep skinning or milking cows.

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Version 1.0.3-full Mar 10, 2022

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