Hotfix v1.0.4 & v1.0.5

Greetings fellow gods,

A very important hotfix today, addressing some of the major issues! It's advised to update as soon as possible.


- Added more inks and papers to some enemies.
- Added Thorvall to available dwarf NPC names.
- Added a list of unique physical features for mutant NPCs.


- Increased default tile dimensions on higher resolutions.
- Iron Bars no longer leave iron ingots upon destruction.
- Fishmen no longer Intimidate.


- Fixed lag caused by stuck archer enemy occasionally.
- Holding rest action no longer queues it multiple times, instead of stopping when the key is no longer pressed.
- Continue screen no longer crashes when one of the save files gets corrupted.
- Fixed crash on disarming enemy artifact weapon.
- Improved performance with many summons during fights.
- Fixed spawns of artifact shields and belts.
- Removed invalid roof near the Cinder Keep.
- Death of the Swamp God correctly replaces swamp grass tiles.
- Fixed Human and Troll hunger passive.
- Fixed "Unlimited power!!!" achievement.
- Fixed crash when using Golden Lamp with a mod that removes its durability.
- When loading invalid global config, the game now attempts to rollback to default settings and logs an error in logs/errors.log file.
- Digging through piles of sand now correctly provides sand.
- Updated Armor Breaker tooltip to mention extra damage when hitting a body part that's not covered.
- Fixed Chain Lightning tooltip to indicate the jumps can happen on "beings" instead of only "enemies".
- Fixed issues that could cause save desynchronization or corruption when changing the world region and abruptly exiting the game.
- Fixed crash that could occur when having teleportation targetting selected on the World Map and removing the Angelic Wings.

Edit: And hotfix v1.0.5 to fix the previous hotfix... :)

- Improved performance with lots of summons in tight locations and after using command allies.
- Fixed vision blocking in some tent walls.

Thank you all for your amazing support, it's been truly heartwarming to see so many of you having so much fun with Soulash, figuring out stuff, helping each other in the Steam Community and Discord, and enjoying the discovery of what the game is about, and why different systems work the way they do.

If you're wondering where things will go next, the current plan is to continue fleshing out the issues and adding quality of life features until the end of the month before I'll take a week of rest and figure out what to focus on next, to deliver as much more fun to you all as I can with the resources available. I'll announce when I know more.

Stay tuned,

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Version 1.0.4-full Mar 13, 2022

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