Free Soulash demo available!

Hey guys & gals,

I'm very excited to announce that after a little over 2 years of development I'm finally able to show something (hopefully working) to the public.  Soulash is an open world roguelike where you will be able to play as a forgotten god trying to destroy the world. It features turn based combat, permadeath, crafting, animated abilities, interesting equipment system and more.

Before I'll release a bigger alpha version of the game in the months to come I wanted to release a free demo version of Soulash in hopes of getting some early feedback on different machanics implemented in the game. Everything should be explained through tutorials available in the game, but if you have questions you can ask them here or PM me on twitter.

The demo features  4 region maps with 2 minibosses and 3 professions up to level 3, a single run should be finishable in about an hour, although there is currently no win condition and it can only be finished by death which will display a score count.

If you'll give the game a shot, I would appreciate any feedback, please leave it at the community page. If you would like to follow current development of Soulash, I'm often sharing development updates on twitter where you can find a lot more gifs of what to expect in the extended version of the game.

I hope you'll enjoy the demo and good luck!

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Version 0.1-demo May 03, 2019

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I seem to get a:

 Failed to create dump file : " (error 5)

 when I try to start the demo and it slowly closes the game afterwards.

As others have said, this game is special. I can't wait for you to release more content, and will definitely be supporting you in early access. This is a really fun, refreshing take on ASCII roguelikes. Well done!

Thank you very much. I'll be posting an update on the proper alpha version release this saturday, so stay tuned! :)

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This seems fun and I like what I've been able to experience so far, but I've been trying to figure out how to leave the starting area for over an hour now with zero success, I feel like this could definitely be explained better. As far as I can tell I've revealed every square on the map and killed everything except Magnus

Yeah, I give up. Tried brute force walking through every edge tile on the map and still nothing. Shame, 'cause I was digging it until then. Plz halp.

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Sorry, I probably could have been more clear. The world map consists of multiple region maps connected to each other, but not through the black squares. Unfortunately what you experienced was all that was available in the demo. There are 4 regions (their names change at the top right above minimap when you enter them) and when you leave one, they reload in the background. So essentially in a full version you can travel across the big open world, which feels like a single map.

hahah, that... certainly explains why I couldn't find it, I sure feel smart!

Then the only relevant feedback I could add is that so far it's great and obviously left me wanting more. Controls are very intuitive. The only nitpick I can think of at the moment is perhaps separate the persistent icons (rest, character sheet, crafting) from the context sensitive ones (butcher, drink) in terms of location on the screen. It can be easy to overlook when a new option appears with so many icons clustered together. Great work though, I look forward to seeing more.

Moving the context specific buttons away from the persistent ones is great feedback; it took me a little while to find the context-specific controls. 

I've put it on the list of things to do. Thanks for feedback!

Hey! I tried this game out, it looked pretty cool, I managed to get 1 run in. Vampire is a little too overpowered in terms the ability to just suck blood out of every creature for sustenance. 

Can you mark on the map the next location? Walking every edge of the map feels tedious, since it's so big, open, and currently pretty empty. Also, is there a way to get information on a far away target? 


Thanks for feedback!

By mark do you mean something like a question mark on the world map to indicate something is there to be discovered? You can get information about everything that is in your range of sight by holding left shift key and hovering cursor over it. You can't get information about anything that is out of range of sight.

How to download this demo? 


At the bottom of this page is a "Download" button for the most recent version, or you can use application.

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Downloaded this after seeing it on RogueBasin while waiting out the end of a turn in Total War: Warhammer 2. Promptly forgot about Total WaWa and was genuinely displeased when I reached the end of the demo.

Good work. Only complaint is that you can click things behind the active window, I kept accidentally picking up items while trying to disassemble the ones I had.

Thank you so much! I'll have the active window clicking sort out. ;)

I love the controls.

 Everything about movement, interaction and animations are perfect, congratulations.

This is not something I expected from a roguelike. 

This is really something special.


Thank you very much. There is still unmeasurable work ahead to get it to where I want to, but I'm very glad you like it. :)

It won't run on my PC! :( I know this isn't helpful. I'll try again and post more details.

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If it's crashing there should be a window from BugSplat that will send me a report from which I might be able to fix the issue so please click "send" if it's the case.

If this is not shown, there might be some message in "logs" folder in "error.log" file.

There is also a slight chance you might not have virtual C++ on your windows, you can download and install it from or use one of the installers in "redist" folder of the game. If you use application this should be preinstalled for you.

If none of these help, please provide more information like which version of windows are you using, does the consol window opens and OpenGL version is displayed when you run Soulash.exe?