Soulash demo v0.1.2 changelog

Hey guys,
Thank you all for your amazing feedback, because of you I'm able to improve the game. :)

I've added the changelog file to the game folder also, if you decide to get back to it later and wonder what's different.  Keep in mind that after this change your savefile from previous version might not be available. It is still in your game folder under "saves/main". If you wish to load it into version 0.1.2 you have to copy it to AppData as explained below.

- Enemy under cursor has it's health indicator to the left of the screen blinking to identify who it belongs to.
- New tutorial subjects that haven't been read have their background tabs colored green in tutorial screen.
- New button that unlocks all tutorials and mark them as read in the tutorial screen to prevent further notifications abount new subjects.

- Drinking tutorial has been changed to indicate the need to be near liquid source.
- When defending against attacks, weapons will no longer drop durability on successful parry.
- Replaced tooltips to the right with new message count indicator at the tutorial icon in the action bar.
- Information about saved games, user settings and tutorial read information has been moved outside the game folder to APPDATA folder, to preserve it between different versions of the game. This folder may differ depending on operating system, example location: C:/Users/{Username}/AppData/Roaming/WizardsOfTheCode/Soulash. The saves folder is not copied in the new version, if you wish to preserve the save from the previous version of the game, it would have to be moved manually.

- Fixed the description in the tutorials of penalty for dehydration and starvation which is -1 to all stats for every mark

Known issues

There has been some crashes related to corrupted save files. Unfortunately if a crash occurs during moving to another map location it might mean some game entities were corrupted. I'm still working on resolving this issue.

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Version 0.1.2-demo May 05, 2019

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