Version 0.2 alpha release date

Hey guys,

Most of you probably know that one week ago I've released a free demo version of Soulash. There has been quite a bit of feedback for me to go through and I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the game. The demo has been downloaded over 768 times during the first week and it landed in 131 collections which I think says a lot about the first impression Soulash made. It's definitely a better start than I expected. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave feedback, you can already see in the changelog it didn't go to waste. It's great to see that so many of you liked the game already, as I have very ambitious plans for Soulash that I'll be turning into reality over many years to come.

Let's get to the information you probably came here to see. An early access 0.2 Alpha version for Windows will be released on on 21st June 2019 and it's price will be set at 9.99$.

It will feature the world map spanning over 66 different regions which is a massive increase from 4 regions available in the demo. There will still be only 3 character professions available in v0.2 with more coming in subsequent major releases, but with abilities up to level 13 and extra alternative choices on different levels available out of the scope of these professions. This should result in many hours of fun gameplay, but the 0.2 version is far from a complete state. It's main shortcoming will probably be in the replayability department. I'll explain in one of the devlogs with greater details what does this mean and how this will be improved going further.

A full disclaimer, however, to maybe temper expectations just a little bit. I'm a solo developer working on this game part-time. This means it may take a while for me to resolve issues and add new stuff, but I'm consistent, experienced and I plan to take the time and make this the best game it can be. There's a very low risk for me to abandon the project until it's finished, as I've already invested over 2 years in and I'm confident it can be a very unique game. If you would not want to participate through the games first pains, you should probably wait a bit for a more stable and balanced beta release that will be available around mid-2020. 

I hope to see you guys on the community boards soon, sharing your stories, adventures, and achievements in the world of Soulash. Next weekend I'll write about where the game is going after version 0.2, so you'll get a glimpse of my vision for Soulash. If you would like to know more about any topic in particular, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Until next time!

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Good luck mate.  Its a solid outing to start with, look forward to picking it up though I do wish you had picked a lower entry price at this very early stage. 


Thanks for letting me know. It took me some time to think about the price and I did some calculations before I decided to go with this one. Unfortunately any lower won't allow me to get some help to push this game to where I would like to see it some day and it was the lowest I was comfortable with selling years of my work. This price will likely stay to at least version 0.5 (sometime next year) and I hope to increase it as the game matures and grows. I will see how it works and adjust if necessary, but I would rather create more value than lower the price.