Soulash demo v0.1.5 changelog

Quite a lot more going on behind the scenes in preparation to v0.2 releasing next month, but I was able to prepare some changes relevant to demo.

- Animation and sound when using a bandage.
- Base attacks now have alternative names other than "Fist" for the player character as well as other entities.
- New tutorials counter now animates occasionally.
- New logo

- Firebolt ability damage has been increased to 100% weapon damage + [0, 2] from 80% weapon damage + [0, 1]
- When targeting with an ability with targeting type "tile" it's impossible now to move the target mark out of ability range.
- Charge ability now deals physical damage upon getting to the target equal to weapon damage + [0, 3] instead of making a regular attack.
- Traveling abilities like charge, lunge or rollback now have a smoother transition between tiles.
- Tutorials have been overhauled and most important information is now color coded.

- Read tutorials are now properly saved.
- After using rollback field of view is now properly calculated.
- Statistics tooltips on level up screen now display properly.
- When unequipping an item without an available slot in the backpack the item was lost. Appropriate message will now display in the console.
- When having an axe equipped it was impossible to take "use" action on an item in inventory.
- Hit animation on ranged attack is now processed after the arrow animation.

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Version 0.1.5-demo May 28, 2019

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