Scoring in Soulash

Soulash is a roguelike with permadeath. It will be challenging to beat the game and might require multiple tries. To help see progress, a scoring system was implemented that is calculated upon death. 

In Soulash many things contribute to the final score, from obvious ones like the number of kills or discovered regions of the world to some specific to the game, like how many days did you survive, how many items did you broke and crafted and many more. All of the statistics are also revealed to you upon death, to give you feedback and help to improve for your next try.

You can see how the score is calculated in detail below, with some reasoning behind it. It might be that the scoring system will change or be expanded with new things while the game will grow, but in v0.2, we are starting with the following stats:

- Every kill x10 - combat is the main focus of the game, so this is pretty important.
- Experience gain x5 - minibosses are worth more experience, so they are more valuable toward the final score.
- Every region discovered x50 - the world is significant in size and exploration is risky, so it will be rewarding to travel it.
- The number of days x15 - how many days you survived, some of you might like to take some time to craft and prepare before taking on harder locations, and this can positively affect the score.
- How many recipes discovered x30 - acquiring crafting plans is a bit luck based, you can boost the chance with stats and deliberately choose to find more items to salvage.
- Broken equipment x0.5/x1 - weapons are worth half a point because they break more often, while wearables full point. This value doesn't make a significant impact, but it reinforces the mechanics of perishable items.
- Eaten food, drank water or blood x0.1 - you can consume only a limited amount in a time frame, but a full bar is 100 units, so eating a few rabbits can add up and make a difference.
- Burned stamina x0.02 - recklessly consuming stamina can cause challenging situations because of fatigue.
- Regained fatigue x0.1 - only sleep can restore fatigue, but it's necessary to have the stamina for actions.

Death screen with score
One of my latest runs as Orc necromantic knight hybrid, not a very proud moment.

Cemetery or Morgue as it is often called in roguelikes will come shortly, to memorialize your characters and your bold attempts at destroying the world. Hopefuly I can squeeze it before release in the coming Friday, but if not, it will be available in the first 2 weeks after.

If you haven't already, try a free demo and let us know how high did you score in the comments below!

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Cant seem to ever run from enemies, i enjoy the gameplay but dont understand how to get anywhere in the game since any enemy spotting you means..kill it or be killed

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Most enemies are slower than you at the very beginning of the game, and there is some space with harmless animals at your starting position. When running away, try to disappear from the line of sight, use trees and bushes to your advantage. When starting a game, try to pick a direction and approach it slowly, maybe pulling your targets to a safer place behind you if you don't feel confident. In the alpha, there are a couple of places where you could set up hideouts. Enemies don't respawn so if you clear a wider area, it becomes safe.

Also in the current version AI doesn't travel through stairs, so you could run away up or down where available.


My first try: 

I suggestion: Add a "Times game crashed" counter.
Approximately 10 times for me. 

Nice score!

Sorry for the crashes, I thought I resolved them since I didn't see any new crash reports. Can you say some more about when did it happen? Did the game load fine after that? Did bugsplat show up and were you able to report it?


Seems it was (most of it?) something about the game messing up two identical items (Slightly worn Bone spears?) doing something with one of them affected the other in some way, and any further attempts with them caused the game to crash.

Yes, the game did load fine.

Yes, bugsplat did load, but I did not report anything. (I do assume that something that show up within the first few minutes, is already known.)


I tried a second game, it was very short. Got killed during sleep. A bit disappointing to not wake up while being attacked, and it was from full health.


A third try. Got quite quick through the first part, and then things stopped in a strange way. I was curious to see what happened when starving to death, which resulted in that there suddenly was no limit to stamina. I did try to sleep anyway, and death occurred during sleep.

But the in game time did keep running, and thus the numbers at the score screen kept changing! With the final score jumping up and going down - I did let it run for a little while, and over all it seems the score rises slowly while being dead.

I think I know about the item taking two slots, I have it on the list of things to resolve.

As for the sleep, the character should have woken up. There was a bug related to skill usage (maybe Owlking or Magnus skills didn't woke you) which is now resolved, but might have not been deployed. Another issue that might have caused this was "rest until full health" action, which will be resolved in the next version also. It moved the time forward too fast and even though the stop happened, it was probably too slow.

As for the things stopping this seems new, could you tell me more about what happened? Were you able to move cursor and yellow border of the tile, take any actions other than sleep, open any windows or was the game completely unresponsive?

Thanks for detailed explanation and screenshot!