Soulash v0.2.4 Bug fixes

Lots of bug fixes from the community boards, still some left on the list, but some of these are crash fixes, so it's better to have them patched sooner rather than later. You will see changes to abilities in new runs or newly acquired skills on level up. If you already had one learned in your current playthrough, it will not be affected.

- Blade dance ability now requires dagger or sword.
- Furious blows now require any melee weapon.
- Crescent swing can be used with spears too.
- Pierce ability now requires dagger, sword, or spear.
- Whirlwind now requires any melee weapon.
- Cleave now requires a sword or an axe.
- Backstab now requires a dagger.
- Disarm now requires any melee weapon.
- Summon wolf now requires and consumes Meat.
- Improved AI fleeing path calculations.
- Woodcutting will no longer trigger on walking onto a tree with an axe, only on pressing `u` key.
- It's now possible to swap held weapons by clicking on each.
- It's possible to use right shift to capitalize letter when writing in inputs.

- Abilities that required stackable items will now properly destroy items when the last item is used.
- It's possible to stack Rapid Regeneration with Bandage, but it's no longer possible to stack the same effect (2x bandage use).
- Fixed rapid shot shooting the player character.
- Fixed crash on arrow rain.
- Fixed cemetery entry not being created on consecutive runs without restarting the game.
- Duplicated references to the same item in the player backpack are cleared, as well as references to non-existent items. This change doesn't fix the root problem, but it will prevent the crashes and invalid backpack state.
- Fixed sporadic crash related to messages.
- Fixed crash related to healing wave ability.
- Equip icon is no longer available for food.
- Fixed some typos.
- Area of effect spells can't be cast further than the range of ability.

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Version 0.2.4-full Jul 04, 2019

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