Soulash v0.2.7 Drag

Took me a bit longer than expected, but the next minor patch is available. Lots of missing descriptions, two new actions: dragging heavy items and closing doors. New ability for amazon leader that can be rolled for picking on level 7 and a few more improvements.

- New action that allows dragging heavy items.
- New action that allows opening and closing doors.
- Pagination on crafting screen and abilities screen.
- Amazon leader learned a new ability.
- Oswald the Forsaken has new description.
- Ezerick the Deceiver has new description.
- Elven Prince has new description.
- Traveling Monster Hunter has new description.
- Aveus has a new description.
- Lion has a new description.
- Tiger has a new description.
- Elephant has a new description.
- Arena champion has a new description.
- Imperial General has a new description.
- Prophet of the Sun has a new description.
- Griphon has a new description.
- The Emperor has a new description.

- Crafting screen filter is now reset after exiting the screen.
- Vampiric touch health drain effect reduced from 50% to 20% and can't regain more than enemy has health anymore.
- Improved fishing rod attack animation.
- Abilities that scale range with throwable ranged weapons now throw them at target when used.

- Summon zombie now takes 1 stack from stackable corpses.
- Fixed rare crash related to AI ranged combat on map edges.
- Fixed rare crash ralated to ability animations.

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Version 0.2.7-demo Aug 04, 2019 220 MB
Version 0.2.7-full Aug 04, 2019

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