Soulash v0.2.8 Damage rebalance

Had to take a break from work, but I'm back now, ready to push for v0.3 destruction update. Today another minor patch that includes some rebalancing of the damage formula, tooltips explaining how hit chance, dodge and damage is calculated, some abilities rebalancing and fixes, and a couple of fresh, butcherable corpses with images for animals found in the world.

- Tooltips for damage hit chance and parry value in equipment screen.
- New butcherable and skinnable corpses for tigers, lions, and elephants.

- Firebolt damage changed to 75% weapon damage + (2 - 4) from 100% weapon damage + (0 - 2).
- Fireball damage changed to 20% weapon damage + (1 - 4) from 100% weapon damage + (2 - 5).
- Rebalanced damage formula. When doing damage from an attack that does multiple types of damage, only a single bonus applies from statistics. Then only the lowest opponent resistance for a rolled body part is picked for reduction.
- Fear check willpower difference increased to 3% instead of 2%.
- Intimidate and Battle cry duration reduced to 3 turns from 5.
- Some performance improvements.

- Fixed issues where AI didn't walk properly on different z-level, causing it to be stuck.
- Enemies won't cast spells on the player when hidden.
- Hide effect disappear when the player makes an attack, uses any ability or item.
- Dealing with damage to hidden targets reveals them.
- Resistances in inventory screen now display correctly.
- Damage in inventory screen now displays correctly.
- AI doing lunge now deals damage correctly.
- Lethal hits now display proper damage dealt.

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Version Aug 17, 2019

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