Soulash v0.3.3 Mods screen

Hey guys,

In this patch, I've prepared fundaments for our next major release - v0.4 that is scheduled for the first quarter of next year, which as some of you might know, will be focused on mod support. In this minor patch, I've implemented the first version of the working mods screen that allows adding extra content to be used by the game. The changes also allow for additional region maps with different groups of enemies that are picked randomly during world generation. For the coming weeks and months, I'll be expanding the core module of Soulash to include alternatives in hopes of enhancing the replayability.

There is not much information for creating your own entities, abilities, or maps yet. These documentations would likely become obsolete when v0.4 is released with editors for them. If you would like to try your hand at creating your own content for Soulash, we have a modding channel on discord, or you could ask on community boards.

The complete changelog for v0.3.3:

- Mod loader that can include separate packages of data into the game, either adding extra stuff to the game or overwrite existing core module. This change allows the creation of mods that will not get overwritten during patches. It also allows combining mods from different creators.
- Support for alternative maps randomly chosen during world generation.
- Support for alternative groups of mobs spawned during world generation.
- Mods screen in the main menu, where mods can be enabled or disabled for new game creation.
- Required mods in save files. Mods are required to be in soulash/data/mods directory to load a game. It's not necessary to have the mods active.
- A message indicating how much experience has been gained after a kill.

- Trees are no longer afraid of the player.
- Backstab ability to exchange places can only be applied to entities that can be moved. Damage still applies.
- Shield wall ability requires a shield.
- Bleed effect deals with physical damage instead of nature.
- Crescent Swing ability sound.
- Energy missile ability animation.
- Corruption ability animation.

- Crash in options screen after entering the continue screen.
- Crash after applying fear on inanimate objects.
- Position of sound indicators out of the field of view.
- Light spell animation placement.
- Backstab position replacement mechanic.
- Targeting calculation of Area of Effects spells to also deal damage to collidable entities.
- Revenge ability turn count in description.
- Stone spike ability image.

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Version 0.3.3-full Nov 15, 2019

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Great job btw - just about to get back  on this.
Happy holidays!


Happy holidays :)
Big patch coming in soon, probably this weekend.